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„Ich habe mich des beflissen im Dolmetschen, dass ich rein und klar Deutsch geben möchte." Martin Luther, 

Quelle: Sendbrief vom Dolmetschen (1530)


In addition to specialist translations, interpreting services are also part of the fixed offer. Altmark Translations has a network of qualified interpreters and works with professional partners in the field of interpreting technology.

Book your professional interpreters in good time

Interpreters are experts in communication between members of different language communities and cultures and their areas of application are diverse: for example, in the professional field at company meetings, employee meetings, in training and further education or during studies. Of course, there is occasionally also a need for interpreters in the private sphere, e.g. for baptisms, weddings, parents' evenings, visits to the doctor, at public events of a cultural or political nature, in the legal and administrative field, during visits to the authorities, lawyer's appointments, in court or with the police - and in many other situations.

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