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„Und so ist jeder Übersetzer anzusehen, Dass er sich als Vermittler dieses allgemein-geistigen Handels bemüht und den Wechseltausch zu befördern sich zum Geschäft macht. Denn was man auch von der Unzulänglichkeit des Übersetzens sagen mag, so ist und bleibt es doch eines der wichtigsten und würdigsten Geschäfte in dem allgemeinen Weltverkehr.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832):

»German romance«. -- Edinburgh, 1827


Technical translations are carried out by professional translators with both technical and linguistic expertise. Altmark Translations is an expert in specialist translations and works exclusively with native-speaking specialist translators who have proven their ability to produce specialist translations through appropriate training and/or years of professional experience.

In addition, all translations are proofread before delivery according to the 4- or, if desired, 6-eyes principle. It goes without saying that the entire translation process is supported by professional translation tools to ensure high processing speed while maintaining consistent terminology.

The creation and continuous maintenance of translation memories on request is just as much a part of Altmark Translations' tasks as strict adherence to deadlines and formatting requirements.

Thus Altmark Translations offers quality and adherence to delivery dates and, of course, absolute data protection.

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