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„Jede neue Sprache ist wie ein offenes Fenster, das einen neuen Ausblick auf die Welt eröffnet und die Lebensauffassung weitet.“
Frank Harris (1856-1931),

amerikanischer Schriftsteller


Do you want to be internationally successful, are a holidaymaker, a citizen of a new country or simply have fun and interest in a foreign language?

Altmark Translations offers you tailor-made language courses: Individual small group training and open group courses for English, Spanish and German at different language levels!

Great importance is attached to a personal and pleasant learning atmosphere. Teaching materials that are optimally prepared from a professional and didactic point of view support the learning success. We teach groups of 6 to 12 participants with approximately the same level of proficiency.

The main focus of language teaching:

- Training reading and listening comprehension

- Improve pronunciation

- Build and expand vocabulary

- Understand and apply grammar rules

- Learning in study, everyday and work situations

- targeted exam preparation

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